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     About us

More Tax and Legal Consulting is a client oriented professional business and legal services firm in Accra established in 2016. We aim to provide the best client service and to meet the needs of our clients in every sector of the economy. We focus on modern Ghanaian business law and offers comprehensive transaction advisory and litigation service on all facets of Ghanaian business development law. Our Tax Experts, Accountants and lawyers have all had extensive experience both on the non-legal and the legal side of corporate and commercial practice as well as wide experience in the public and private domain. Clients include individuals and Institutions of high standing in the areas of tax, finance, marketing, design and engineering in Ghana and Internationally.
Our network of highly experienced professionals enable a multidisciplinary approach to our engagements. The commitment and expertise of our professionals ensures that we provides high quality services. Our independence also ensures that we are well placed to assist our clients in implementation of the advice that we provide.
Our firm’s quality is noticeable in the services we provide for our clients, spread across the various sectors of the economy. As a result, our firm has developed a well-focused capacity and rigorous methodology in satisfying our clients. 
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